Shag, Butterfly Cut, Wolf Cut—the Gender-Inclusive Style of The Year!

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, hair trends like the “shag” have gained prominence. Historically associated with the 70s and embraced mainly by women, the shag has undergone a remarkable transformation, transcending gender boundaries.

At Centre Salon and Spas, we prioritize staying updated on the latest trends, and today, we’re highlighting how the shag can work wonders for various hair types.

Shags for Short Styles

The butterfly cut is excellent for hair above shoulder length, adding dimension and volume. Its layered, tousled nature makes it versatile for both short hair and men, offering a rugged or polished look.

Shags for Long Locks

For those with long hair seeking an edgier look, a shag can lighten the hair’s weight while maintaining length, promoting healthier hair with fresh layers.

Shags for Curls

Wolf cuts complement curly hair, enhancing its natural texture. Layers showcase curls beautifully, adding volume and manageability while allowing for versatile styling.

Shags for Shoulder-Length Hair

Medium-length locks benefit from shag cuts, breaking up the hair and infusing movement, creating an effortlessly appealing style.

Overall, shags rejuvenate various hair textures and lengths, offering a trendy and adaptable choice for those seeking a style refresh.

Ready to Get Your Shag On?

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