Changing Leaves, Changing Colors: Going Copper for Autumn

You’ve seen it on your TikTok FYP or Instagram Reel feed—now it’s time to bring it to life! Copper is the hair-color craze of the season, and for good reason. This “rich auburn meets shimmering orange” hue is a perfect way to mark the start of pumpkin spice season. 

Beyond staying on trend, why should you go copper? Here are 3 reasons why copper is your color:

1. Copper is different from all the rest 

Copper may be trending, but that doesn’t mean everyone is brave enough to follow through. Going copper makes you stand out from the crowd as it shimmers in the sun and radiates warmth in all settings. 


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2. We use only the best color

Going copper doesn’t have to be damaging. At Centre Salon and Spa, we use Aveda’s Full Spectrum Color to ensure only the best color payoff & ingredients. Full Spectrum uses a vegan formula that is fade-resistant, nourishing, and able to penetrate deeply—without compromising your hair’s health.

3. It can be catered to all skin-tones

Copper ecompasses a plethora of hues that can be suitable to all skin-tones. With the variety of shades Full Spectrum offers, the options are endless. For the fair, a golden, rosy copper will be best; for those who lean olive, a copper with violet undertones will look fabulous; and for those with deeper skin, a black-cherry-infused copper will be a perfect match. 

Go copper before everyone else

This universally-flattering shade will get you in the perfect mood for fall—and turn heads wherever you go. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Book your color service with our experts today; our Aveda Full Spectrum shades won’t let you down.