3 Ways to Upgrade your Centre Salon Experience

Picture this: you’ve finally carved out some you-time and are about to walk through our doors. We have a relaxing appointment in store for you–but what if we could maximize our time together? Keep reading for three quick and cost effective ways to do just that!

And don’t worry, we won’t keep you from the rest of your day with all of our upgrades…unless you want us to! 😉

Fight the Frizz

Has the winter cold left your hair feeling less than its best? Return your locks to their former glory with a Shine and Gloss treatment. Aveda’s naturally derived formula conditions damaged hair, refreshes your color and corrects uneven tones, all while giving you a sun-catching shine!

Shape up your Brows

Eyebrows might not be the windows to the soul, but they absolutely help define the shape of your face. With artful waxing, we can shape your brows to best compliment your features! Save yourself the trauma of over-tweezing and add on a professional brow wax to any service.

Build Better Bonds

Layback, relax and STILL multitask with our Botanical Repair Conditioning Treatment. Check off three boxes at once while Aveda’s plant-powered bonding formula penetrates deeply to strengthen, prevent breakage, and protect your hair without you lifting a finger!

And there you have it–three simple upgrades to make the most of your time at Centre Salon and Spa. Book your next appointment HERE and let’s cross some things off your to-do list together!